Higher Education Committee
April 3, 2001-4:00P

HB 2459
    For:      Aguero, Dr. Robert (Dallas County Community College

HB 2476
    On:       Gardner, Dr. Kent (Self and The University of Texas at
              Smith, Ms. Sharon Kay (Self and The University of Texas
                   at Arlington)

HB 2514
    For:      Reyes, Mr. Lico (League of United Latin American
                   Citizens - District III)

HB 2816
    For:      Brooks, Mr. Ben (Greater Texas Foundation and Greater
                   Texas Student Corporation)

HB 2898
    For:      Sanderson, Ms. Marcia R. (Self)
              Watson, Dr. Larry (Self)
    On:       Colby, Dr. Ira (Self)
              Stewart, Dr. Bill W. (Texas Higher Education
                   Coordinating Board)
              Webster, Ms. Sarah (Texas Department of Protective and
                   Regulatory Services)

HB 3028
    On:       White, Dr. Gloria A. (Texas Higher Education
                   Coordinating Board)

HB 3258
    For:      Faulkner, Mr. Richard (Nixon-Smiley Consolidated
                   Independent School District)
              Lauer, Ms. Cathy (Nixon-Smiley Consolidated Independent
                   School District)

HB 3265
    On:       Tempton, Mr. Willie A. (Prairie View A&M University)

HB 3267
    On:       Cedillo, Ms. Sylvia (Prairie View A&M University)

HB 3524
    On:       Faulkner, Dr. Larry R. (The University of Texas at

HB 3590
    For:      Cassady, Mrs. Sharon (Self)
              Deal, Mrs. Marci Smith (Self)
              Foster, Ms. Ellen J. (Self)
              Proffer, Mr. Lanny (National Geographic Society)
    On:       Bednarz, Dr. Sarah W. (Self)

HCR 225
    For:      Beckett, Mr. Eduardo (The University of Texas at El Paso
                   Chicano Pre-Law Society)
              Hernandez, Mr. Edward (Border Legal Education Task
              Monteros, Ms. Janet (Self)
              Rojas, Mr. Raymundo Eli (Border Legal Education Task
                   Force and The University of Texas at El Paso
                   Chicano Pre-Law Society)
              Salas-Mendoza, Ms. Maria A. (Self and Mexican American
                   Bar Association and Border Legal Education Task