Higher Education Committee
March 27, 2001-4:00P

HB 1011
    On:       Hendricks, Dr. Gary (Texas State Technical College

HB 1446
    On:       Ruth, Mr. Andrew (Texas State Comptroller's Office)

HB 1799
    On:       Flack, Ms. Teri (Texas Higher Education Coordinating
              Gardner, Dr. David (Texas Higher Education Coordinating

HB 1946
    For:      Escobar, Ms. Felicia (National Council of La Raza)
              Ramos, Dr. Vincent (Texas League of United Latin
                   American Citizens)
              Reyes, Mr. Lico (League of United Latin American
                   Citizens, District III)

HB 2279
    For:      Fonte, Dr. Richard (Austin Community College)

HB 2323
    For:      Jones, Mr. John R. (Self and The State Bar of Texas)
              Mock, Mr. Nelson (Self)
              Neet, Ms. Teresa (Self)
              Pharr, Ms. Kelley (Self)

HB 2513
    On:       Tackett, Ms. Pam (State Board for Educator

HB 2531
    On:       Burck, Mr. R.D. (The University of Texas System)
              Elliott, Dr. Roger W. (Texas Higher Education
                   Coordinating Board)
              Montford, Mr. John T. (Texas Tech University System)
              Zucker, Dr. Charles (Texas Faculty Association)

HB 2575
    For:      Cooper, Mr. Aaron (Self)
              Tran, Mr. Paul (Self)
    On:       Carbajal, Ms. Michelle (The University of Texas at San
              Gonzalez, Mr. Leo H. (The University of Texas at San
              Herrod, Mr. Jeremy (The University of Texas at San
              Iles, Ms. Lindsey N. (The University of Texas at San
              Rejino, Mr. David (The Texas A&M University System)
              Reynolds, Mr. Richard S. (The University of Texas at San
              Sias, Dr. Mary Evans (The University of Texas at Dallas)
              Studer, Dr. James (Council of Student Services Vice

HB 2603
    On:       Schroder, Dr. Gene D. (The University of Texas School of
                   Public Health at Houston)

HB 2765
    For:      Donaldson, Mr. Francisco (Don-Text, Inc. and R&R
              Gant, Mr. John R. (Self and Loupot's Houston Community
                   College Bookstores)
              Hatcher, Ms. Kristie (University Bookstores)
              Raney, Mr. James E. (Self)
    Against:  Plotts, Mr. Peter B. (Barnes and Noble Book Co.)

HB 2766
    On:       Rogers, Ms. Elizabeth C. (Office of The Attorney

HB 3050
    For:      Adams, Mr. Jim (The 21st Century Commission on Colleges
                   and Universities)
              Nigliazzo, Dr. Marc (Texas Association of Community

SB 31
    For:      Milley, Mrs. Frankie (Self)
    On:       Stanley, Dr. Sharilyn (Texas Department of Health)