Higher Education Committee
February 13, 2001-4:00P

HB 51
    For:      Eaton, Ms. Holly (Texas Classroom Teachers Assocation)

HB 459
    For:      Chick, Ms. Lisa (Metroplex Concerns of Police Survivors)
              Duplantis, Ms. Stephanie Hires (Metroplex Concern of
                   Police Survivors)

HB 897
    For:      Carter, Ms. Janis (Texas Instruments)
              DeLisle, Mr. Peter A. (Technology Education Coalition)
              Guereque, Ms. Alejandra (Self)
              McDermott, Mr. Mark (Intel Corporation)
              Swindle, Mr. Jack (Texas Instruments)

HB 910
    For:      Casso, Dr. Ramiro R. (South Texas Community College)
              Perez, Mr. Mike R. (City of McAllen)
    On:       Cole, Dr. James J. (Texas A&M University System Health
                   Science Center)
              Sumaya, Dr. Ciro (Texas A&M University System Health
                   Science Center School for Rural Public Health)