Higher Education Committee
February 6, 2001-4:00P

HB 112
    For:      Cruz, Dr. Paul (Superintendent Laredo Independent School
                   District, R.T. Martin High School)
              Lara, Mr. Rene (Texas Federation of Teachers)
              Rodriguez, Mr. Juan Enrique (Self)
              Sanchez, Mr. Joe (Mexican American Legal Defense and
                   Educational Fund)
              Scheberle, Mr. Drew (Texas Business and Education
              Wawroski, Ms. Frances G. (Self)
    On:       Brown, Dr. Don (Texas Higher Education Coordinating
              Burck, Mr. Dan (The University of Texas System)
              Graham, Mr. Lloyd (Texas Association of School
              Gregg, Mr. Brock (Self and Association of Texas
                   Professional Educators)
              McAfee, Mr. Archie E. (Texas Association of Secondary
                   School Principals)
              Treisman, Dr. Uri (Self)

HB 120
    For:      Alvarado, Ms. Mercedes (Self)
    On:       Sorber, Dr. Charles A. (The University of Texas of the
                   Permian Basin)

HB 125
    For:      Aguero, Dr. Robert (Dallas County Community College
              Dovalina, Dr. Ramon H. (Laredo Community College)
              Ochoa, Mr. Robert (Laredo Community College)
              Porras, Mr. Jesse A. (Laredo Community College)
              Wenrich, Dr. J. William (Dallas County Community College
    Against:  Hempstead, Mr. Chuck (Texas Association of College
              Huber, Dr. John (Self)
    On:       Gipson, Dr. Vance (Self and Odessa College)
              Lara, Mr. Rene (Texas Federation of Teachers)
              Strong, Mr. Jack (National Evaluation Systems, Inc.)

HB 140
    For:      McLemore, Mr. William W. (Texas Coalition State Veterans
    On:       Buerschinger, Mr. Charles (Texas Veterans Commission)

HB 152
    For:      Lane, Mr. Forrest (Texas A&M-College Station, Associate
                   Student Government)