Financial Institutions Committee
June 4, 2002-9:00A

Ag Lending Interim Charge
    On:       Brock, Mabry J. (TDA)
              Conover, Ted F. (Heritage Land Bank and Farm Credit
              Deviney, Lee (Texas Dept. of Agriculture, Texas
                   Agricultural Finance Authority)
              Graham, Ann (Texas Bankers Association)
              James, Randall S. (Banking Commissioner, Tx. Dept. of
              Kennedy, Robert (Texas Department of Agriculture)
              Kennon, James (Independent Bankers Association of Texas
                   (Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee))
              Mauldin, Mike (Texas Bankers Association)
              Scurlock, Steve (Independent Bankers Association of

Agriculture Financing
    On:       Hodges, Ken (Texas Farm Bureau)

FARM Assistance
    On:       Klinefelter, Danny (Texas Cooperative Extension)
              Outlaw, Joe L. (Texas Cooperative Extension)

FARM Assistance / Master Marketer
    On:       Smith, Edward G. (Texas Cooperative Extension)

Master Marketer
    On:       Waller, Mark (Texas Cooperative Extension)