County Affairs Committee
April 4, 2001-8:00A

HB 1148
    For:      Ratliff, Thomas (AT&T Wireless; Voicestream Wireless;
                   Western Wireless; Texas Assoc. of Paging Services)

HB 2212
    For:      Bacon, April (Texas Association of County Auditors;
                   Travis County Auditor's Office)

HB 2466
    For:      Larson, Lyle (Bexar County)

HB 2477
    For:      Kirkpatrick, Zoe (Self and Garza County Hospital
                   District Board of Directors)
              Travis, Michael (Self and Hospital Board of Directors:
                   David Tyler, Zoe Kirkpatrick & Leon Miller)
    Against:  Burnett, Wesley W. (Self)
              Ethridge, Daymon (Self)

HB 2628
    For:      Humble, Monty (Greater Dallas Jewish Community Capital

HB 2818
    For:      Conner, J. C. (Self and Management and Training
    On:       Julian, Terry (Texas Commission on Jail Standards)

HB 3073
    For:      Allison, Jim (County Judges & Commissioners Association
                   of Texas)
              Wisenbaker, Beth (Self and Hopkins County Commissioners
                   Court: Judge Cletis Milsap, H.W. Halcomb, Don
                   Patterson, Calvin Prince)

HB 3132
    For:      Endres, Jack R. (Muenster Hospital District)

HB 3440
    For:      Brown, Dan W. (Self and Sheriff's Association)
              Painter, Gary (Self and Sheriff's Association of Texas)

HB 3443
    For:      Brown, Dan W. (Self and Sheriff's Association)
              Painter, Gary (Sheriff's Association of Texas)

HB 3475
    For:      McClendon, III, Sidney S. (Galveston County Beach
                   Erosion Task Force; West Galveston Island POA)
    Against:  Hallmark, Terry (Texas Chapter Surfrider Foundation)
              Mitchell, Jamie (Surfrider Foundation, Texas Chapter)
    On:       Kewley, Wayne (Texas General Land Office)

HB 3633
    For:      Marks, David (East Montgomery County Improvement

HB 3634
    For:      Rash, Jeanette (Self)

SB 201
    For:      Burke, Cecelia (Travis County Commissioners Court)
              Dahill, John (Dallas County)
              Harlow, Joe (Travis County)
              Nguyen, Tien (City of Houston)