Civil Practices Committee
April 11, 2001-12:00P

HB 848
    For:      Casto, Larry (City of Dallas)
              Doggett, Robert (City of Dallas)
    Against:  Swander, Steven H. (Self and Texas Entertainment

HB 2034
    For:      Norman, Scott (Consulting Engineers Council of Texas)

HB 3109
    For:      Ratliff, Shannon (Texas Civil Justice League)
              Wayne, Ralph (Texas Civil Justice League, American Tort
                   Reform Assoc.)
    Against:  Hile, Richard C. (Texas Trial Lawyers Assoc.)

HB 3152
    For:      Bailey, Charles (Texas Hospital Assn.)
              Freeman, Harold (Texas Medical Association)

HB 3402
    For:      Perez, Rosa Maria O. (Culebra Park Neighborhood Assn.)

HB 3402 Committee Substitute (Villarreal)
              Gill, Virginia (Self and Lackland Terrace Neighborhood
              Halstead, Woodrow (Bexar Co. District Atty., Bexar Co.
                   Commissioners Court)
              Herberg, Cliff (Bexar County District Attorney's Office
                   & Bexar County Commissioners Court)

HCR 203
    For:      Bell, M'Lou (RFD & Associates)
    On:       Wassdorf, Pete (Office of the Attorney General)

HCR 206
    For:      Barclay, Dr. Darcie (Self)
              Kelly, Charles W. (Darcie Barclay)

HCR 218
    For:      Carroll, Matthew R. (Self)
              Lawlor-Carroll, Mary (Self and Matthew R. Carroll)
              Samuelson, Eric (Matthew Carroll)
    On:       Cain, Delmar (Texas A&M University System, General

SB 561
    For:      Norman, Scott (Consulting Engineers Council of Texas)
    Against:  Houston, Scott (Texas Municipal League)