Civil Practices Committee
February 28, 2001-2:00P

HB 259
    For:      (No last name), Sputnik (Texas Motorcycles Rights
                   Association Confederations of Clubs, Texas Bikers
                   in General)
              Riggs, S.A. (Self and Gulf Coast Motorcycle Rights
                   Association, Texas Motorcycle Rights Association,
                   Texas Motorcyclists)

HB 350
    For:      McLemore, William W. (Texas Coalition State Veterans
              Palmquist, Michael (The American Legion)
    On:       Green, Billy (Texas Veterans Commission)

HB 350Committee Substitute (Wise/CSHB 350)
              Lee, Donald (Texas Conference of Urban Counties)

HB 845
    For:      Hunt, Terrell E. (Self)
              Solti, Mr. Ivan (Self)

HB 1047
    For:      Kendrick, Gardner S. (San Miguel Electric Cooperative,
    Against:  Good, Andrew S. (The North American Coal Corporation)

HB 1834
    For:      Steidinger, Jimmie (Self)