Redistricting Committee
April 25, 2001-2:00P

HB 150 Committee Substitute (Jones)
    For:      Renteria, Lori C. (Self)
    Against:  Collins, Roger (Self and City of Angleton)
              Couch, Mayor Kelly (City of Vernon)
              Doonan, Judge Bob (Burleson County Commissioners Court)
              Gallegos, Beatrice (Self)
              Garrett, Ro'Vin (Self)
              Harris, Jack (Brazoria County)
              Henry, J. Patrick (Citizens of Angleton)
              McNeel, Raymond (Montgomery County Democratic Party)
              O'Grady, Pat (Self and Free Market Committee)
              Pierce, Warren (Self)
              Roberts, Gerald (Citizens of Angleton)
              Summers, Frank (Milam County Commissioners Court)
              Taylor, Karen (Brazoria County Council of Chambers)
              Willy, John (Self and Brazoria County)
              Yenne, Jeri (Self and Brazoria County and Brazoria
                   COunty Commissioners Court)
  Registering, but not testifying:
    For:      Captain, Myrtle L. (Texas State Chapter of NAACP)
              Owens, Bill (Self)
    Against:  Blankenship, John (Self)
              Burrows, Jon (Bell County)
              Clawson, James D. (Brazoria County)
              Haughey, Tom (Self and Texas Republican County
                   Chairmen's Assn. and its President, Hollis
                   Rutledge, Jr.)
              Martinez, Joseph A. (Self)
              Neal, Mayor Loyd (Self and City of Corpus Christi)
              Overstreet, Morris L. (Texas Coalition of Black
              Payne, Donald (Brazoria County)
              Santos, Rudy (Self and Citizens of Angleton)
              Smith, J. Herman (Self and Angleton Independent School
              Stanley, Larry (Self and Brazoria County)
              Wiginton, Jim (Self and Brazora County District
              Williams, Chad (Self)
              Woolbert, Lynda (Self)