Redistricting Committee
March 28, 2001-4:00P

    On:       Alfaro, Mayor Pete C. (City of Baytown City Council,
                   Chamber of Commerce, and Economic Development
              Almager, David (Mexican American Legal Defense and
                   Education Fund)
              Berger, Howard C. (Self and Wilson County Democratic
              Borden, Bill (Self)
              Brownlow, Darrell (Self)
              Burnham, Perry (City of Castle Hills)
              Cansino, Jane (Self)
              Carlson, Pat (Tarrant County Republican Party)
              Cich, Dave (Self)
              Fields, Leslie (Texas State Conference of NAACP
              Flores, Henry (William C. Velasquez Institute)
              Garcia, Mayor Hector F. (City of Watauga)
              Gutierrez, David (Self)
              Haughey, Thomas B. (Self and Texas Rep. County
                   Chairman's Assn., and its President Hollis V.
                   Rutledge, Jr.)
              Hedges, Jr., Charles F. (Midland and Odessa Chambers of
              Jensen, Don (Self)
              Korbel, George (Self)
              Mills, Matthew (Self)
              Morris, David (Self)
              Mullan, Carolie (League of Women Voters of Texas)
              Owens, Bill (Self)
              Pack, Eugene (Self)
              Putnam, Mayor Joe (City of Irving)
              Rodriguez, Adrian (LULAC, People United for
                   Representation and Equality-North Texas)
              Scoma, Mayor Charles (City of North Richland Hills)
              Sitton, Mayor Windy (City of Lubbock)
              Southern, Mayor David (City of Granbury)
              Streater, Joy (Self)
              Sylvia, County Judge Jimmy (Self and Chambers County)
  Registering, but not testifying:
    On:       Alonzo, Roberto R. (Self and Mexican American Democrats
                   of Texas)
              Harper-Brown, Linda (Self)
              Massey, Veva Lou (Self)
              Philipp, Joe (Self)
              Romano, Bob (Self)
              Soto, Faustino "Tino" (Self)
              Spriggs, James A. (Self)
              Stopfer, Rick (Self)
              Waldrum, Terry (Self)