Business & Industry Committee
(Subcommittee on Subcommittee on Binding Arbitration)
May 15, 2002-10:00A

Binding Arbitration Charge
    Against:  Archer, DeLynn (Self and H.O.B.B.)
              Evans, James T. (Self)
              Fair, Victoria (Self)
              Hartnett, Edward H. (Self)
              King-Lewis, Thea (Self and Southridge Hills Neighborhood
                   Association and Mr. Jim and Mrs. Joe Hayman)
              Solano, Teresa S. (Self and Southridge Hills Homeowner)
              Weaver, Amy (Self)
              Williams, Alycia (Self and Unhappy Homeowners of Meadow
                   Brook Subdivision)
    On:       Ahmad, Janet (Home Owners for Better Building)
              Bragg, David (AARP)
              Bush, Robert L. (Self and Texas Association of Builders)
              Cobarruvias, John R. (Home Owners for Better Building)
              Fagan, Wayne T. (Self and State Bar of Texas A.D.R.
              Gardner, Stephen (National Association of Consumer
              Hubbard, John (Home Buyers Warranty)
              James, Reggie (Consumers Union S.W. Regional Office)
              Johnson, India (American Arbitration Association)
              Kitterman, Keith (Self)
              Morgan, Tom (Texas Association of Realtors)
              Munoz, Laura (Self and Home Owners for Better Building)
              Pawlowski, Steven J. (Self)
              Paxon, Stephen (Self)
              Pettijohn, Leslie (Consumer Credit Commissioner)
              Reier, Jerry (Self)
              Richardson, Dawn (Self)
              Rincan, Leonel (Self and South Ridge Hills Neighborhood
              Sandlin, Abby (Texas Watch)
              Tonjes, Ray (Self and Texas Association of Builders)
              Turner, Cheryl C. (Self)
              Williams, Jackson (Public Citizen)
  Registering, but not testifying:
    Against:  Betzler, Mary (Self)
              Cohn, Mary (Self)
              Wu, Patrick (Self)
    On:       Chavez, Esther (Attorney General)
              DeHay, Loretta (Texas Real Estate Commission)
              Durden, David (Texas Department of Insurance)