Business & Industry Committee
April 11, 2001-2:00P

HB 2449
    For:      Class, Ramon (Self)

HB 2613
    On:       McAnally, Scott (Research & Oversight Council on
                   Worker's Comp)

HB 2640
    For:      Cantue, Gregory B. (Mercy Funeral Home)
              Dumas, Vivian (Self)
              Franklin, Barry J.W. (Self)
              Frazier, Skipper Lee (Eternal Rest Funeral Home)
              Garrison, Jim (Texas Funeral Directors Assn.)
              Johnson, Eddie A. (Self)
              Jones, Dorthea L. (Self)
              Kay, Anthony C. (Self)
              Smith, Troy B. (Self)
              Stripling, James (Self)
    Against:  Beresford, Jr., Charles (Self)
              Chambers, Margaret (Self)
              Clark, Jeff (National Federation of Independent
              Comerio, Rory (Self)
              Dawson, Robert S. (Self)
              Graham, Pat (Self)
              Hatcher, Glenn (Self)
              Lambert, Kenneth C. (Self and Funeral Shoppers, Inc.)
              Marvial, Wittman (Self and Pre-Arranged Merchandise
              Schlitzberger, Dianne (Self and American Budget Caskets)
              Schlitzberger CM, Robert (Self and Schlitzberger
                   Monuments & Caskets)
    On:       Carmona, Paul (Office of the Attorney General)
              Mattax, David C. (Office of Attorney General)
              Robbins, Chet (Texas Funeral Services Commission)

HB 2640 Committee Substitute (HB 2640)
    Against:  Hankins, Lamar W. (Funeral Consumers Alliance and its 5
                   Texas Affiliates)

HB 3042
    For:      Riddering, Hannah (Self and Texas National Organization
                   for Women)
    Against:  Clark, Jeff (National Federation of Independent
              Price, Ann Abrams (Texas Employment Law Council)

HB 3102
    On:       McAnally, Scott (Research & Oversight Council on WC)

HB 3342
    For:      Wortham, E. Dale (Harris County AFL-CIO)
    Against:  Dorn, Cheri (Goodwill Temporary Services)
              Hill, Kate Thornberry (Texas Association of Staffing)

HB 3430
    Against:  Hart, Claude (Texas State Troopers Association)
              Parker, Carl (Texas State Trooper Assn.)