Business & Industry Committee
April 3, 2001-2:00P

HB 1509
    For:      Erickson, Tommy (Houston Professional Fire Fighters
                   Association-Local 341)
              Hauck, Jr., Ed (Houston Professional Firefighters
              Williams, Steven D. (Houston Prof. Fire Fighters IAFF
                   Local- 341)

HB 1980
    For:      Grant, Julian (Self and City of Temple)
              Powers, Robert (Self)

HB 2186
    Against:  Niemann, Larry (Texas Building Owners & Managers
                   Assn./Texas Mini Storage Assn.)

HB 2187
    On:       Flores, Carmen (Texas Secretary of State)
              Niemann, Larry (Community Association Institute (Austin

HB 2202
    For:      Mintz, David (Texas Apartment Association)

HB 2445
    For:      Goss, Alan (Self)
              Kuper, Jeff (Self)
              Plemons, Roby (Self)
    Against:  Evans, Richard (TX. Assoc. of Business & Chambers of

HB 2600
    For:      Cunningham, D.C., Jeff (Self)
    Against:  Carroll, Pam (Self and Injured Workers (Advocate for
                   Injured Workers))
              Class, Ramon (Self)
              Hill, Christian (Thousands of Injured Workers)

HB 2803
    On:       Niemann, Larry (Texas Building Owners and Managers
                   Assn./Texas Mini Storage Assn.)
              Stinson, Bill (Texas Association of Realtors)

HB 2804
    For:      Haley, Steve (State Bar of Texas- Real Estate, Probate &
                   Trust Law Section)

HB 3102
    For:      Berry, John T. (Self and Concentra Managed Care, Inc.)
              Brenner, David (American Insurance Association/Burns
                   Anderson Jury & Brenner, LLP)
              Evans, Richard (TX. Assoc. of Business and Chambers of
              Heard, Francis Oliver (Self and Center Corporation)

HB 3199
    For:      Graydon, Galt (Fidelity Express Money Order Co./Grocers'
                   Supply Corp.)
              Haider, Tom (Travelers Express)

HB 3332
    Against:  Toney, Doug (Texas Daily Newspaper Association/Texas
                   Press Association)

HCR 174
    For:      Wise, Andrew (Microsoft)

SB 583
    For:      McGanity, Dr. Peter (Tx. Medical Association, TX
                   Orthopaedic Assoc.)
    Against:  Liebbe, Bill (Texas Trial Lawyers Assoc.)