Business & Industry Committee
March 27, 2001-2:00P

HB 549
    For:      Howell, Jr., Richard T. (Self)
              Mathews, Susan (Weirgarten Realty Investors & Weirgarten
                   Realty Mgmt. Co.)
              Tucker, Jeffrey (Weirgarten Realty Investors)

HB 557
    For:      Bosse, E. Robert (RVMHOAU)
              Briesmeister, Janee (Consumers Union)
              Fuchs, Fred (Self)
              Hopper, Charles (Recreational Vehicle/Mobile Home Owners
                   Assoc of the Valley)
              Rodenborn, Bruce (The Austin Tenants' Council)
    Against:  Forster, Charles J. (Self)
              Gulley, Dean (Corpus Christi Mobile Home & RV Park Assn)
              Jackson, Vivian (Self)
              Lanier, Sidney E. (Self)
              Patterson, Jan (Self)
              Rihtarchik, Joanna (Self)
              Russell, Sam (Texas Manufactured Housing Assn.)

HB 1382
    For:      Trimble, Larry (Self)

HB 2126
    On:       Beachley, Pam (Texas Association of School Boards)

HB 2182
    For:      Davis, Lorri (Texans for Financial Freedom & Imperial
              Sheehan, J. Scott (Personal Rental Corporation, Houston,
                   TX, MG Capital Investment Corp, Houston, TX)
    Against:  Schneider, Rob (Consumers Union--Southwest Regional
    On:       Pettijohn, Leslie L. (Commissioner, Office of Consumer
                   Credit Commissioner)

HB 2530
    On:       Greytok, John (Office of Attorney General)

HB 2644
    For:      McNeel, Randy (Self)

HB 3120
    For:      Evans, Richard (TX Assoc. of Business & Chambers of
              Gill, Wayne (Kemper Insurance Companies)
    On:       Class, Ramon (Injured Workers Assistantance Center)

HB 3122
    For:      Baylis, Robert V. (Self and Texas Buliding Branch AGC)
              Bruns, Richard (Texas Construction Assn)
              Humphries, Kenneth (Self and Texas Buliding Branch AGC)
    Against:  Mintz, David (Texas Apartment Association)

HB 3122 Committee Substitute (C.S.H.B. 3122)
              Wilhelm, Jack (Exxon Mobil Corporation)

HB 3151
    For:      Anderson, Joe R. (Burns Anderson Jury and Brenner
              Beachley, Pam (Texas Association of School Boards)
              McNeel, Randy (Self)
    Against:  George, Jodie (Self)
              George, John (Self)
              Howell, Kenneth W. (Self and Miller and Henderson)
              Levy, Rick (TX AFL-CIO)
              Trimble, Larry (Self)
    On:       Bow, Jonathan D. (SORM)
              McAnally, Scott (Research & Oversight Council on
                   Workers' Compensation)

HB 3213
    Against:  Class, Ramon (Self)

HB 3458
    For:      Jackson, Richie (Texas Restaurant Assn.)
    On:       Moore, Nancy (Texas Dept. of Insurance)

HB 3615
    For:      Hammond, Bill (TX Assoc of Business)
              Price, Ann Abrams (Texas Employment Law Council)
    Against:  Brown, Jr., Jimmie L. J. (Self)
              Dean, Truman (Texas State Teachers Association)
              Levy, Rick (TX AFL-CIO)