Business & Industry Committee
March 13, 2001-3:00P

HB 1050
    For:      Rothermel, John (Texas Land Title Association)

HB 1108
    For:      Cross, Jack (Texas State Florists Association)
              Wharton, Nancy (Texas State Florist Association)

HB 1331
    For:      Clower, Dan C. (Self and Walker County EMS)
              Gaines, Jr., B. J. (Self and Huntsville Walker County
              Sullivan, Wayde (Self and Huntsville-Walker County
                   Emergency Medical Service)

HB 1579
    For:      Bogardus, Pollyanna (Self)
              Levy, Rick (TX AFL-CIO)
    On:       Alves, Ron (ROC)

HB 1975
    For:      Bishop, Philip R. (Texas Cemetery Association)

HB 2056
    Against:  Bass, Robert (Self and Lumbermen's Association of Texas)

HB 2311
    For:      Armstrong, A.R. (Self)
              Bounds, Mackie (Self and Texas Construction Association)
              Odom, Paul (Self and P and S Masonry, Inc.)
              Page, Evelyn J. (Self)
              Reed, J. Michael (Self and J.M. Reed Plumbing Company)
              Walthall, Jr., Thomas J. (Self)
    On:       Baldwin, George C. (TBB-AGC)
              Barnes, Jr., Robert "Buddie" V. (Self and AGC)
              Bass, Robert (Self)
              Baylis, Robert (Self and A.G.C.)
              Fretz, Jr., Bob (Texas Building Branch-Associated
                   General Contractors of America)

    For:      Bass, Robert (Self and Lumbermen's Association of Texas)
              Motheral, Lynn (Self and Texas Association of Builders)