Business & Industry Committee
February 27, 2001-2:00P

HB 394
    For:      McClelland, Mark (Tax Assessor-Collectors Association of
              Moore, Mickey (Texas Retailers Association)
              Winn, Gerald "Buddy" (Self and Texas Association of
                   Appraisal Districts)

HB 502
    For:      Eurotas, Gloria (Fort Worth City Council)
              Henneberger, John (Texas Low Income Housing Information

HB 1205
    For:      Hammond, Bill (Texas Association of Business and
                   Chambers of Commerce)
              McMurry, Sam (Texas Self-Insurance Assn. (TSIA))
    Against:  Class, Ramon (Self)
              Hinojosa, Walter (Texas AFL-CIO)

HB 1261 Committee Substitute (CSHB 1261)
    For:      Williams, Mike (Texas Electric Cooperation)

HB 1367
    For:      Bartlett, Roger A. (Texas Business Law Foundation)
              Perkins, Arthur Val (Texas Business Law Foundation)

HB 1514 Committee Substitute (CSHB 1514)
    For:      Sickels, Linda (Trinity Industries, Inc.)