Business & Industry Committee
February 13, 2001-2:00P

HB 472
    For:      Carr, Waggoner (AARP)
              Higgins, Carlos (TX Silver-Haired Legislature)
              James, Reggie (Consumer's Union SW Regional Office)
              Reynolds, Jay (Self and AARP)
              Rose, Harold (Self and AARP)
              Vackar, Barbara (Self and AARP)
    Against:  Evans, Richard (TABCC)
              Gilbert, Bo (Independent Insurance Agents of Texas)
              Harrison, Michael (West Teleservices)
              Jewell, Michael (AT&T)
              Leahy, Timothy (Southwestern Bell Telephone/Yellowpages)
              McMahon, Sally (MCI Worldcom)
              Payne, Tyson (TX Association of Insurance & Financial
              Pollard, Mike (TX Association of Life & Health Insurers)
              Stinson, Bill (TX Association of Realtors)
              Thompson, Jay (TALHI, Prudential)
    On:       Capitano, John (PUC)
              Chavez, Esther (Attorney General's Office)
              Joyner, Guy (Secretary of State's Office)
              Schuelke, Brad (Attorney General's Office)

HB 493
    For:      Stinson, Bill (TX Association of Realtors)

HB 678
    For:      Angelo, Michael (Compaq Computer Corp.)