Agriculture & Livestock Committee
March 22, 2001-8:00A

HB 473
    For:      Turner, Jill (Texas Farm Bureau)

HB 2246
    For:      Allwright, M.K. (Self and Private Non-Industrial Forest
                   Landowners Association)
              Bennett, Tony (Temple-Inland and Texas Forestry
              Chance, Jeff (Texas Forestry Association)
              Currie, Bob (Self and Texas Logging Council and Texas
                   Forestry Association)
              Hufford, Ron (Texas Forestry Association)
              Joiner, Gary (Texas Farm Bureau)
              Rosekrans, Scott (San Jacinto County Criminal District
                   Attorney's Office)
              Vann, Leon (Self)
    On:       Davis, Ron (Texas Forest Service)

HB 2246 Committee Substitute (Swinford)
    For:      Shaw, Richard (International Paper)

HB 2443
    For:      Walzel, Jerry (Texas Produce Association)
    On:       Butler, Jim (Texas A&M University System)
              Peffley, Ellen (Texas Tech University College of
                   Agriculture and Natural Resources)
              Pike, Leonard (Texas Agricultural Experiment Station)

HB 2475
    For:      Copeland, Chris (Texas Veterinary Medical Association)
    On:       Allen, Ron (Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners)
              Butler, Jim (Texas A&M University System)

HB 2604
    For:      Campbell, Helen (State Firemen's and Fire Marshal's
              Fisher, Mike (Rural Fire Advisory Council)
              Regnier, Ted (Volunteer Firemen Insurance Services of
              Walzel, Jerry (Self)
              Webb, Bill (Etoile Volunteer Fire Department)
    Against:  Floyd, Beaman (United Services Automobile Associatoin)
              Huxel, Bob (Farmer's Insurance Group)
              Ruggiero, Denise (State Farm Insurance)
              Thompson, Jay (AFACT)
    On:       Davis, Mike (Texas Department of Insurance/State Fire
              Hull, James (Texas Forest Service)
              Presley, Philip (Texas Department of Insurance)