SB 430


Education Committee

March 7, 2001 -  9:00A
       ON:        Dunn, Margaret Executive Director (Texas School
                         Safety Center), San Marcos, TX
                  Mabry, Rodney University President (The University
                         of Texas at Tyler), Tyler, TX
                  Spriggs, Vicki Advisory Council Member (School
                         Safety Center), Austin, TX

   Registering, but not testifying:
       For:       Ashby, Cindy Government Relations Coordinator (Texas
                         Counseling Association), Austin, TX
                  Bond, Victor Law Enforcement (Texas School Safety
                         Center), Houston, TX
                  Brawner, Chuck Chief of Police Spring Branch I.S.D.
                         (School Safety Center Advisory Board), Katy,
                  Eckhart, Harley Associate Executive Director (Texas
                         Elementary Principals and Supervisors
                         Association), Austin, TX
                  Grabbe, Donna Grant Secretary (Texas School Safety
                         Center), San Marcos, TX
                  Hollingsworth, Lonnie Attorney (TCTA), Austin, TX
                  Kelly, Jack (TSTA), Austin, TX
                  Leal, Alma Counselor Educator (Texas Counseling
                         Association), Brownsville, TX
                  McAfee, Archie Executive Director (Texas Association
                         of Secondary School Principals), Austin, TX
                  Smith, Lauren (ATPE), Austin, TX
                  Sockol, Kay School Counselor (Texas Counseling
                         Association), Austin, TX
                  Wynn, Jimmy Director of Public Information (Harris
                         County Department of Education), Houston, TX
       On:        Jacobs, Billy (TEA), Austin, TX
                  Perez, Aimee Research and Web Page Coordinator
                         (Texas School Safety Center), Austin, TX
                  Porter, Betty Counselor (Texas Counseling
                         Association), Houston, TX
                  Renick, Judy Associate Director (Texas School Safety
                         Center), San Marcos, TX