NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING

SUBCOMMITTEE: Conference Committee on SB 1

TIME & DATE:  7:00AM, Thursday, April 26, 2001

PLACE: E1.036

CHAIR: Senator Rodney Ellis


The Conference Committee on SB 1 will consider the following:

Public Safety & Criminal Justice:
*   Adjutant General's Department
*   Alcoholic Beverage Commission
*   Criminal Justice, Department of
*   Criminal Justice Policy Council
*   Fire Protection, Commission on
*   Jail Standards, Commission on
*   Law Enforcement Office Standards & Education, Commission on
*   Military Facilities Commission, Texas
*   Commission of Private Security
*   Public Safety, Department of
*   Youth Commission

Natural Resources
*   Agriculture, Department of
*   Animal Health Commission
*   General Land Office & Veteran's Land Board
*   Trusteed Program Within the General Land Office
*   Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Authority
*   Natural Resource Conservation Commission
*   Parks & Wildlife Department
*   Railroad Commission
*   River Compact Commissions, Texas
*   Soil and Water Conservation Board
*   Water Development Board
       Debt Service Payments-Non-Self Supporting G.O. Water Bonds