NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING

COMMITTEE: Business & Commerce

TIME & DATE:  8:00AM, Tuesday, May 8, 2001

PLACE: Betty King Committee Room

CHAIR: Senator David Sibley


To be considered:

HB 196            Reyna, Arthur            SP: Sibley
Relating to the adoption of standards for the practice of air
conditioning and refrigeration contracting.

HB 217            Reyna, Arthur            SP: Sibley
Relating to the regulation of plumbing.

HB 259            Lewis, Glenn             SP: Armbrister
Relating to equal access to places of public accommodation.

HB 548            Keffer                   SP: Jackson
Relating to the conduct of the business of certain surety

HB 1047            Cook                     SP: Armbrister
Relating to the authority of electric cooperative corporations to
receive indemnity from certain persons involved in mining lignite.

HB 1161            Eiland                   SP: Moncrief
Relating to the administration of the Business Enterprises Program
trust fund.

HB 1243            Villarreal, Mike         SP: Van de Putte
Relating to monitoring by the Texas Workforce Commission of the
long-term employment history of certain former recipients of public

HB 1351            Brimer                   SP: Armbrister
Relating to the funding and operation of the universal service

HB 1562            Thompson                 SP: Moncrief
Relating to the control of health insurance fraud; providing
administrative penalties.

HB 1592            Kitchen                  SP: Van de Putte
Relating to a project of an industrial development corporation.

HB 1692            Chisum                   SP: Bivins
Relating to customer protections applicable to certain electric

HB 1794            Wise                     SP: Cain
Relating to private club alcoholic beverage accounts.

HB 1869            Wohlgemuth               SP: Harris
Relating to the acquisition of manufactured homes through financing
or other means and to persons associated with those acquisitions.

HB 1995            Marchant                 SP: Carona
Relating to encumbrances that may be fixed on homestead property.

HB 2029            Yarbrough                SP: Shapleigh
Relating to the application of the Texas Unemployment Compensation
Act to employment by an Indian tribe.

HB 2139            Marchant                 SP: Carona
Relating to certain agreements under a retail installment contract
for the purchase of a motor vehicle.

HB 2159            Thompson                 SP: Carona
Relating to premium rates and minimum reserves for credit life and
accident and health insurance.

HB 2295            Woolley                  SP: Gallegos
Relating to the powers of Harris County Improvement District No. 1.

HB 2327            Solis, Jim               SP: Van de Putte
Relating to the operation, funding, and assessment of local
workforce development boards.

HB 2331            Uresti                   SP: Van de Putte
Relating to punishments for certain violations of alcoholic
beverage law relating to minors.

HB 2337            Goolsby                  SP: Shapiro
Relating to the practice of landscape architecture.

HB 2495            Haggerty                 SP: Armbrister
Relating to requiring a valet parking service to maintain financial
responsibility; creating an offense.

HB 2530            Junell                   SP: Ellis, Rodney
Relating to certain prohibitions applicable to a person offering a
sweepstakes or operating a video sweepstakes; providing a civil

HB 2600            Brimer                   SP: Duncan
Relating to the provision of workers' compensation benefits and to
the operation of the workers' compensation insurance system;
providing penalties.

HB 3015            Crownover, Myra          SP: Fraser
Relating to regulation of the issuance of a security to a
charitable organization.

HB 3458            Brimer                   SP: Duncan
Relating to the operation of the Texas Workers' Compensation
Insurance Fund as a domestic mutual insurance company and to the
continuation of that entity as the Texas Mutual Insurance Company.

HJR 5            Solomons                 SP: Shapleigh
Proposing a constitutional amendment prescribing requirements for
imposing a lien for work and material used in the construction,
repair, or renovation of improvements on residential homestead
property and including the conversion and refinance of a personal
property lien secured by a manufactured home to a lien on real
property as a debt on homestead property subject to a forced sale.


HB 1862            Eiland                   SP: Van de Putte
Relating to the regulation and prompt payment of health care
providers under certain health benefit plans.

SB 623            Duncan
Relating to damages for liability actions in residential

SB 836            Shapleigh
Relating to the allocation of certain child care funds to local
workforce development areas.

SB 1151            Van de Putte
Relating to the duties of employers and insurance carriers in a
workers' compensation proceeding.

SB 1826            Lucio
Relating to certain cross-border health care plans offered by
health maintenance organizations.



HB 196
HB 217
HB 259
HB 548
HB 1161
HB 1794
HB 1869
HB 1995
HB 2139
HB 2159
HB 2295
HB 2337
HB 2495
HB 2530
HB 3015
HB 3458
HB 1862
SB 623
SB 836
SB 1151
SB 1826