NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING

COMMITTEE: Business & Commerce

TIME & DATE:  8:00AM, Tuesday, May 1, 2001

PLACE: Betty King Committee Room

CHAIR: Senator David Sibley


To be considered:

HB 186            Burnam                   SP: Shapleigh
Relating to certain insurance investigations regarding burglary or
robbery losses or death claims.

HB 337            Hawley                   SP: Armbrister
Relating to cancelling or prohibiting the issuance of certain
original or renewal alcoholic beverage permits or licenses for
nonpayment of ad valorem taxes.

HB 362            Averitt                  SP: Sibley
Relating to the definition of unfair competition and unfair and
deceptive acts or practices in the business of insurance.

HB 695            Reyna, Arthur            SP: Wentworth
Relating to the regulation of certain occupations by the Texas Real
Estate Commission; providing penalties.

HB 935            Solis, Jim               SP: Jackson
Relating to the establishment of a flexibility rating system for
directives sent by the Texas Workforce Commission to local
workforce development boards.

HB 1066            Uher                     SP: Jackson
Relating to health benefits coverage of grandchildren.

HB 1103            Yarbrough                SP: Carona
Relating to an action by the Texas Workforce Commission to collect
certain debts of an acquired employer from the successor employer.

HB 1166            Denny                    SP: Carona
Relating to regulation of the business of selling checks, including
electronic checks.

HB 1390            Najera                   SP: Shapleigh
Relating to the authority of certain municipalities to create an
industrial development district.

HB 1466            Maxey                    SP: Cain
Relating to waiver of certain requirements for insurers who
contract with municipalities.

HB 1763            McCall                   SP: Sibley
Relating to the continuation and functions of the Finance
Commission of Texas and the regulation of certain financial
institutions and businesses.

HB 1768            Grusendorf               SP: Sibley
Relating to clarifications in finance law and regulatory authority
and efficient administration by the Finance Commission of Texas and
the Texas Department of Banking; providing penalties.

HB 1891            Lewis, Glenn             SP: Van de Putte
Relating to insurers providing a written explanation of certain
endorsements to insurance policies.

HB 2255            McCall                   SP: Harris
Relating to the continuation and functions of the State Securities
Board; providing penalties.

HB 2345            Naishtat                 SP: Fraser
Relating to the specialized telecommunications assistance program.

HB 2828            Smithee                  SP: Harris
Relating to the delegation of certain functions by a health
maintenance organization; providing penalties.

SB 1122            Armbrister
Relating to the authority of utilities to deny or limit service as
a condition of compliance with the federal Endangered Species Act.

SB 1826            Lucio
Relating to certain cross-border health care plans offered by health
maintenance organizations.


SB 427            Lucio / et al.
Relating to health benefit plan coverage for the treatment of
autism and pervasive developmental disorders.

SB 623            Duncan
Relating to damages for liability actions in residential

SB 836            Shapleigh
Relating to the allocation of certain child care funds to local
workforce development areas.

SB 1151            Van de Putte
Relating to the duties of employers and insurance carriers in a
workers' compensation proceeding.

SB 1555            Duncan
Relating to certain civil actions for injury to a child, elderly
individual, or disabled individual and certain related liability
insurance coverage.