NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING

COMMITTEE: Land & Resource Management

TIME & DATE:  8:00AM, Monday, April 23, 2001

PLACE: E2.012

CHAIR: Rep. Gary Walker


the committee will meet to consider the following:

HB 2340            Salinas / et al.
Relating to the authority of county governments to regulate
subdivision development in the unincorporated areas of a county.

HB 3410            McReynolds
Relating to the sale and lease of vacant and unsurveyed public
school land.

HB 3517            Turner, Bob
Relating to:  a means to amend building restrictions in residential
unincorporated subdivisions in counties with the population less
than 65,000.

HB 3548            Chisum
Relating to the regulation of property owned by religious

HB 3549            Chisum
Relating to the regulation of property owned by public or private

HB 3552            Raymond
Relating to the regulation of manufactured housing; providing

SB 517            Lucio / et al.
Relating to authorizing counties to regulate land development;
providing a penalty.

SB 725            Bivins
Relating to the transfer of certain state property from the Texas
Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation to Texas
Panhandle Mental Health and Mental Retardation.