HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                         NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING

COMMITTEE: Higher Education

TIME & DATE:  4:00PM, Tuesday, March 6, 2001

PLACE: E2.010

CHAIR: Rep. Irma Rangel

To Consider the Following:

HB 172            Lewis, Glenn
Relating to exempting peace officers enrolled in a criminal justice
program from tuition and fees charged by a public institution  of
higher education.

HB 1014            McReynolds
Relating to faculty compensation policies at institutions of higher

HB 1151            Raymond
Relating to providing information about bacterial meningitis to
students of institutions of higher education.

HB 1210            Garcia
Relating to the establishment of a school of law at the University
of North Texas.

HB 1359            Villarreal, Mike
Relating to criteria developed by the Texas Higher Education
Coordinating Board to standardize the transfer of course credit
between public institutions of higher education.

HB 1387            Dukes
Relating to the application of the higher education uniform
admission policy to graduates of certain special high school

HB 1645            Delisi
Relating to an exemption for certain transfer students from the
requirements of the Texas Academic Skills Program.

HB 1671            Hochberg
Relating to the names of certain entities within The University of
Texas System.

HB 1753            Gutierrez
Relating to a partnership agreement between The University of
Texas--Pan American and the South Texas Community College District
to offer the lower-division courses required for students enrolled
in a teacher preparation program.

HB 1754            Gutierrez
Relating to the effect of redistricting by a junior college
district on the terms of the current members of the district's
board of trustees.

HB 1755            Gutierrez
Relating to action by certain occupational regulatory agencies
against certain recipients of student financial assistance.

HB 1941            Delisi
Relating to allowing certain family members of military personnel
who previously resided in Texas to pay resident tuition and fees at
institutions of higher education.

HB 1942            Delisi
Relating to permitting certain military dependents to qualify for
automatic admission to general academic teaching institutions.

HB 1998            Delisi
Relating to financial assistance for certain persons seeking
certification as public school teachers, including revisions to the
Teach for Texas conditional tuition grant program and a financial
assistance program for persons in an alternative educator
certification program.



HB 1938