NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING

COMMITTEE: Economic Development

TIME & DATE:  8:00AM, Thursday, March 15, 2001

PLACE: E2.012

CHAIR: Rep. Jim Solis

The committee will meet to consider the following bills:

HB 762            Coleman
Relating to requiring certain employers who contract with or
receive financial assistance from the state or a state agency to
pay its employees a living wage; providing a penalty.

HB 856            Dutton
Relating to the right of an employee to time off from work to
participate in certain school activities of the employee's child;
providing a penalty.

HB 1309            Villarreal, Mike
Relating to requirements applicable to child-care workers who
receive scholarships funded by the federal Child Care Development

HB 1761            Turner, Sylvester
Relating to the right of an employee to time off from work to meet
with certain persons affecting the education of the employee's

HB 1931            Elkins
Relating to certain disqualifications from eligibility for
unemployment benefits.

HB 1964            Seaman
Relating to the creation of the spaceport trust fund.

HB 1592            Kitchen / et al.
Relating to a project of an industrial development corporation.

HB 2074            Martinez Fischer
Relating to a study of means to increase the supply of child care
providers in this state.

HB 2086            Yarbrough
Relating to wages used to compute unemployment compensation taxes.

HB 2213            Deshotel
Relating to the adoption of an alternative base period for
computation of unemployment compensation benefits.