NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING

COMMITTEE: Business & Industry

TIME & DATE:  2:00PM, Tuesday, March 6, 2001

PLACE: E2.016

CHAIR: Rep. Kim Brimer


The committee will consider the following:

HB 470            Solomons
Relating to requiring confirmation of a hotel reservation.

HB 1201            Brimer / et al.
Relating to the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act.

HB 1202            Brimer
Relating to the medical review of health care provided under the
workers' compensation insurance system.

HB 1324            Brimer
Relating to attorney's fees paid in certain workers' compensation

HB 1840            Junell
Relating to authorizing the comptroller to waive penalties and
interest relating to the delivery of certain delinquent unclaimed

SB 198            Moncrief / et al.
Relating to executory contracts for the conveyance of real