Tuesday, February 20, 2001, 2:00 p.m. 
                                   Senate Chamber 
         I.   Call to Order-Roll Call 
         II.  Adoption of Minutes from 2-13-01 
         III. Bills To Be Considered: 
              SB 356    Lucio          Relating to performance measures  
                                       for innovative regulatory programs  
                                       implemented by the Texas Natural  
                                       Resource Conservation Commission. 
              SB 611    Haywood   Relating to the membership of the board  
                                  of directors of the Rolling Plains  
                                  Groundwater Conservation District. 
              SB 649    Truan          Relating to training requirements  
                                       for applicants for and recipients  
                                       of financial assistance for water  
                                       and sewer services under the  
                                       economically distressed areas  
              SB 637    Armbrister     Relating to eligibility of a  
                                       navigation district to create a  
                                       local government transportation  
              SB 670    Brown     Relating to the validation of any act,  
                                  governmental proceeding, official,  
                                  bond, or obligation of a navigation  
                                  district or port authority. 
              SB 687    Brown     Relating to criminal penalties for the  
                                  intentional or knowing discharge of  
                                  waste or pollutants. 
              SB 688    Brown     Relating to requirements for public  
                                  notice and hearing on applications for  
                                  air quality multiple plant permits. 
              SB 689    Brown     Relating to the definition of hazardous  
              SB 701    Ellis          Relating to agricultural projects  
                                       in certain urban schools.  
         Subcommittee on Agriculture report on: 
              SB 331    Haywood   Relating to agricultural policy for the  
              SB 398    Duncan    Relating to a grant program to provide  
                                  surplus agricultural products to  
                                  organizations that serve needy or  
                                  low-income individuals. 
         V.   Recess