The House Committee on Redistricting 
         77th Legislature 
         April 5, 2001 
         4:00 p.m. 
         Capitol Extension, E1.030 
         Pursuant to a notice posted on March 19, 2001, the House  
         Committee on Redistricting met in a public hearing and was  
         called to order by the chair, Representative Jones, Delwin, at  
         4:00 p.m. 
         This was a joint hearing with the Senate Committee on  
         The roll was answered as follows: 
         Present:  Representatives Jones, Delwin; Glaze; Counts;  
                   Grusendorf; Hunter; Keel; Luna, Vilma; Marchant;  
                   McClendon; Pitts; Sadler (11). 
         Absent:   Representatives Bosse; Dunnam; Moreno, Paul; Wilson  
         A quorum was present. 
         Juan Maldonado of the William C. Velasquez Institute testified  
         regarding the increases in the Latino population over the last  
         ten years. 
         (Representative Bosse now present.) 
         (Representative Dunnam now present.) 
         Dr. Henry Flores of the William C. Velasquez Institute testified  
         regarding the lack of Hispanic representation in the legislature  
         and Congressional delegation in metropoitan areas and suggested  
         the need for additional Latino majority seats. 
         Andrew Hernandez spoke against racial gerrymandering for Latinos  
         and against minorities.  He favored expanded opportunities for  
         Latinos and the protection of communities of interest. 
         Congressmen Joe Barton and Tom DeLay spoke in favor of  
         contiguous districts, respecting communities of interest and  
         against retrogression.  They also testified that protection of  
         incumbents should not be a priority in redrawing districts. 
         (Representative Wilson now present.) 
         Anna Nunez spoke as an advocate for the large Asian, Black,  
         Hispanic and immigrant populations in Texas.  
         Chuck Statler presented resolutions from the Abilene Chamber of  
         Commerce and the Taylor County Commissioners Court urging that  
         Taylor and Tom Green counties be placed in the same  
         Congressional district. 
         Rob Beckham of the Abilene City Council testified in favor of  
         Taylor and Tom Green counties being placed in the same  
         Congressional district. 
         Victor Carrillo of the Abilene City Council spoke in favor of  
         Taylor and Tom Green counties being placed in the same  
         Congressional district. 
         Beckham and Carrillo presented resolutions from the City Council  
         of Abilene and the Democratic and Republican parties of Taylor  
         county in support of the same. 
         Ventura Ramirez testified in favor of keeping the 29th  
         Congressional district intact. 
         Perry Burnham testified on behalf of the city of Castle Hills.   
         He spoke in favor of the city being placed within one  
         Congressional district. 
         Victor Hernandez of Lubbock testified regarding the growth of  
         the Hispanic population in Lubbock and in favor of Lubbock  
         remaining in two Congressional districts. 
         Terry Gee of the Chinese Seniors Association of Houston spoke in  
         favor of the job performance of Congressman Ken Bentsen. 
         Paula Hightower-Pierson testified in favor of the work done by  
         Congressman Martin Frost and in favor of Arlington being split  
         between two Congressional districts. 
         Councilwoman Teri Jackson of Grand Prairie testified in support  
         of Grand Prairie remaining split between the two Congressional  
         districts they are now in. 
         Representative John Longoria of San Antonio testified in favor  
         of protecting communities of interest.  He also supported  
         keeping Congressional Districts 28 and 20 in Bexar County. 
         A. J. Pate of Houston spoke in favor of compactness and  
         respecting governmental subdivision boundaries in redrawing  
         lines and presented a proposed Congressional plan. 
         John Poindexter testified in favor of keeping Presidio County in  
         the 23rd Congressional District. 
         Vivian Harris spoke in support of Congressman Ken Bentsen. 
         Allan Lichtman of Washington, D.C. testified regarding the 1991  
         Congressional plan.  He discussed packing and stated that  
         communities of interest were not limited to political boundaries  
         but also includes individuals' approaches and attitudes. 
         Bill Owens of San Antonio presented a proposed Congressional  
         plan and testified in favor of the four equities of fair  
         redistricting:  population, communities, racial/ethnic, and  
         Connie Sonnen of San Antonio testified that the south side of  
         San Antonio should be kept as a community of interest and and  
         should remain in Congressman Ciro Rodriguez's district. 
         Cecile Harrison of Houston suggested that additional population  
         should be added to the 18th Congressional District as required  
         by law but that the district should remain intact. 
         Howard Jefferson of the Houston Branch of the NAACP testified  
         that the redistricting process should be fair and represent all  
         groups.  Communities of interest should not be split.  He also  
         spoke in support of Congressman Bentsen. 
         George Alexander, President of the San Angelo Development  
         Corporation, spoke in favor of keeping Abilene and San Angelo in  
         the same Congressional district. 
         Vince Ryan of Houston spoke in favor of keeping the 25th  
         Congressional District intact. 
         Geraldine Miller of Dallas spoke in favor of a proposed State  
         Board of Education plan. 
         Hector F. Garcia, Mayor of Watauga, suggested that Watauga,  
         North Richland Hills, Richland Hills, Keller, Haltom City, and  
         Hurst be in the 12th Congressional District. 
         Tommy Calvert of the Neighborhoods First Alliance urged the  
         Committee to do the right thing and  not gerrymander.  He also  
         praised the work of Congressman Ciro Rodriguez has done. 
         Jose Rodriguez of El Paso urged the Committee to continue the  
         political representation already in place. 
         County Commissioner Judith Gutierrez of Webb County suggested a  
         new Congressional District be created to include Webb County.     
         Raul Besteiro from Brownsville suggested that the core of  
         Congressional districts be maintained.  He also suggested that  
         the district of Congressman Ortiz be maintained. 
         Ross Omar Garcia suggested that the core of Congressional  
         districts in Bexar County be maintained.  He also spoke in favor  
         of the work of Congresman Gonzalez. 
         Dick Messbarger of Kingsville suggested that Congressman Ortiz  
         be kept in his current district.  He also provided written  
         statements by Mayor Loyd Neal of Corpus Christi and Judge  
         Richard Borchard of Nueces County. 
         Mayor Maureen Jouett of Killeen presented written testimony from  
         the Mayors of Killeen, Waco, Temple, Hillsboro, and Copperas  
         Cove supporting the continued makeup of the 11th Congressional  
         Gary Bledsoe of the Texas NAACP urged the Committee to follow  
         one person, one vote, keep communities of interest intact, and  
         to look at creating an additional Congressional district with a  
         substantial Black population. 
         Gerald Hebert of IMPAC 2000 suggested the Committee should  
         protect the interests of Texans in drawing Congressional  
         districts . 
         Dale Oldham of the Republican National Committee said that  
         protection of incumbents is a policy choice.  He also discussed  
         retrogression and packing. 
         Thomas Hofeller of the Republican National Committee said that  
         incumbency protection could perpetuate gerrymanders.  He said  
         present Congressional districts are not packed and the Committee  
         should not retrogress. 
         The Chairman entered into the record a written statement from  
         Representative Barry Telford urging that the 1st Congressional  
         District be maintained intact.  At 10:25 p.m., on the motion of  
         the Chair and without objection, the meeting was recessed  
         subject to the call of the Chair. 
         Rep. Jones, Delwin, Chair 
         Glen Hunt, Clerk