1-1           WHEREAS, The extraordinary courage and composure that Colonel
 1-2     M. B. Etheredge of Huntsville repeatedly displayed under fire
 1-3     during World War II were decisive factors in determining the
 1-4     outcome of a number of military engagements; and
 1-5           WHEREAS, Raised in East Texas, Col. Etheredge was serving as
 1-6     superintendent of a small school district in Damon when the United
 1-7     States entered the war; resigning his position, he enlisted in the
 1-8     army as a private in 1942; after completing basic training he was
 1-9     sent to noncommissioned officers' school and, after only eight days
1-10     there, to officers' candidate school in Fort Benning, Georgia,
1-11     where he graduated on February 5, 1943; and
1-12           WHEREAS, On the night of March 12-13, 1944, Col. Etheredge
1-13     was assistant commander of a combat patrol when it came under heavy
1-14     machine-gun fire north of Carano, Italy; disregarding the bullets
1-15     flying all about him, he personally led his squad in a successful
1-16     assault on the machine gun; when a second machine gun erupted, he
1-17     again braved the barrage as he directed his men in laying down
1-18     fire, allowing the main part of the patrol to advance against the
1-19     gun and silence it; and
1-20           WHEREAS, Farther along, a third strong point opened heavy
1-21     fire; once more, Col. Etheredge moved about aggressively in the
1-22     midst of this attack, developing a strong firing line and enabling
1-23     the main body of the patrol to skirt the house and continue on its
1-24     mission; altogether, the patrol killed at least 10 Germans,
 2-1     captured 12, and knocked out two machine guns, and Col. Etheredge's
 2-2     remarkable gallantry and leadership in this operation earned for
 2-3     him a Silver Star; and
 2-4           WHEREAS, Two months later, on May 23, 1944, in Italy, Col.
 2-5     Etheredge immediately took charge of Company "K," 30th Infantry
 2-6     Regiment, when the commanding officer and other key personnel were
 2-7     cut down; deciding to continue the attack, he ignored heavy fire to
 2-8     move up and down a ditch for 75 yards, reorganizing his company and
 2-9     bolstering its morale; though wounded in the leg, he then led his
2-10     men running and crawling into the face of steady small arms fire
2-11     for some 550 yards, rested them for 10 minutes, and then resumed
2-12     the assault, advancing another 250 yards, overrunning the objective
2-13     and organizing an all-around defensive position; and
2-14           WHEREAS, Col. Etheredge's actions were instrumental in
2-15     securing a vital battalion target, relieving pressure on two flank
2-16     companies, and opening a way for a third company to advance; his
2-17     critical role in this day's action was rewarded with the appendage
2-18     of an oak leaf cluster to his Silver Star; and
2-19           WHEREAS, Col. Etheredge subsequently commanded Company "K" in
2-20     France; there, on August 16, 1944, he once again braved gunfire in
2-21     the course of significantly assisting the American advance; he was
2-22     sitting atop a tank destroyer, directing its fire at German-held
2-23     buildings 200 yards distant, when he barely escaped a machine-gun
2-24     fusillade; and
2-25           WHEREAS, A platoon flanking the building then fell into
2-26     disarray and Col. Etheredge dashed across 75 yards of open ground
2-27     through more machine-gun fire to reorganize the group; choosing a
 3-1     route that skirted the barbed wire outside the buildings, he next
 3-2     led a 50-yard assault that captured 29 enemy soldiers, an anti-tank
 3-3     gun, a mortar, large quantities of ammunition, and numerous
 3-4     vehicles; in recognition of his bravery and decisive command, he
 3-5     received a second oak leaf cluster; and
 3-6           WHEREAS, During the war Col. Etheredge also received two
 3-7     Bronze Stars and two Purple Hearts; he was eventually discharged
 3-8     with the highest efficiency rating of any officer discharged from
 3-9     the Fourth Army; this dauntless soldier later served three terms in
3-10     the Texas Legislature and taught for 33 years at Sam Houston State
3-11     University; and
3-12           WHEREAS, Citizens of the United States owe an immeasurable
3-13     debt to the nation's military personnel, whose efforts and
3-14     sacrifice throughout this country's history have secured the
3-15     liberties of countless Americans, and Colonel M. B. Etheredge most
3-16     assuredly merits the warmest tribute of this chamber for the
3-17     outstanding valor he consistently manifested on the battlegrounds
3-18     of World War II; now, therefore, be it
3-19           RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives of the 77th Texas
3-20     Legislature hereby honor Colonel M. B. Etheredge for his heroic and
3-21     selfless actions in the European theater of the Second World War
3-22     and extend to him profound gratitude on behalf of all Texans; and,
3-23     be it further
3-24           RESOLVED, That an official copy of this resolution be
3-25     prepared for Col. Etheredge as an expression of highest regard by
3-26     the Texas House of Representatives.
                                                   Speaker of the House
               I certify that H.R. No. 1307 was adopted by the House on
         May 27, 2001, by a non-record vote.
                                                 Chief Clerk of the House