By Capelo                                              H.R. No. 705
         77R5976 JKB-D                           
                                 R E S O L U T I O N
 1-1           WHEREAS, For five decades, Whataburger has been providing its
 1-2     customers with outstanding and high-quality food and service,
 1-3     establishing itself as a significant force in the competitive
 1-4     market of fast food; and
 1-5           WHEREAS, Founded on August 8, 1950, by Harmon Dobson, the
 1-6     first Whataburger consisted of a portable stand located across from
 1-7     Del Mar College in Corpus Christi and boasted a menu of hamburgers,
 1-8     cold drinks, and potato chips; half a century later, Whataburger
 1-9     has evolved into the eighth-largest hamburger chain in the United
1-10     States, employing 11,000 people and serving 250,000 hamburgers
1-11     annually; and
1-12           WHEREAS, With 560 restaurants in eight states and Mexico,
1-13     Whataburger today serves a hamburger much the same as those served
1-14     in the 1950s; under the experienced direction of the founder's son,
1-15     Tom Dobson, Whataburger has affirmed its commitment to excellence
1-16     with its built-to-order burger and has retained its reputation for
1-17     high-quality food at a fair price; and
1-18           WHEREAS, This enduring establishment has captured the loyalty
1-19     of many Texans and individuals across the country over the past 50
1-20     years, and it is most deserving of commendation as it celebrates
1-21     its golden anniversary; now, therefore, be it
1-22           RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives of the 77th Texas
1-23     Legislature hereby congratulate Tom Dobson and all those affiliated
1-24     with Whataburger restaurants on the 50th anniversary of this fine
 2-1     company and extend to them sincere best wishes for continued
 2-2     success; and, be it further
 2-3           RESOLVED, That an official copy of this resolution be
 2-4     prepared for Mr. Dobson as an expression of high regard by the
 2-5     Texas House of Representatives.