1-1           WHEREAS, March 24, 2001, marks the 52nd birthday of our
 1-2     esteemed colleague, the Honorable Paul Hilbert, confirming as fact
 1-3     once and for all what many of us have long known--the man wasn't
 1-4     born yesterday; and
 1-5           WHEREAS, A native of Missouri, he earned bachelor's and
 1-6     master's degrees from Xavier University in Ohio before heading down
 1-7     to Texas to complete a law degree at South Texas College of Law and
 1-8     shamelessly carry on year-round with the true object of his
 1-9     affection--his beloved motorcycle; and
1-10           WHEREAS, Yes, underneath that staid, conservative exterior
1-11     beats the heart of a Peter Fonda wanna-be, and that hasn't lessened
1-12     throughout his long, slow sojourn into middle age; in fact, he has
1-13     assuaged his overwhelming "need for speed" with a series of macho
1-14     machines, including a Miata, a Jeep, and his present vehicles, a
1-15     Corvette convertible and a Harley Sportster, having sensibly
1-16     rejected the notion of owning a Dodge Viper as far too flashy, even
1-17     for a native of the Show Me State; and
1-18           WHEREAS, An attorney, mediator, and business development
1-19     consultant by profession, Mr. Hilbert has maintained a general
1-20     civil practice in Houston since 1975; known for his civility in
1-21     this chamber as well, he is in his 10th term in the house, where he
1-22     serves as vice chair of the Calendars Committee and as a member of
1-23     the State Affairs and Ways and Means committees and the Texas
1-24     Legislative Council, and is the leading contender for the title of
 2-1     Mr. Congeniality should a contest one day ensue; and
 2-2           WHEREAS, His many close friends insist that his willingness
 2-3     to come to Austin now for more than 15 years to serve in the state
 2-4     legislature has absolutely nothing to do with its ready access to
 2-5     the winding roads of the Hill Country, where his name can be found
 2-6     on the wall at Harry's on the Loop, and he has often been seen out
 2-7     cruising on his bike; and
 2-8           WHEREAS, Though he has hit a couple of rough bumps in the
 2-9     road of late, his colleagues take pleasure in the news that he is
2-10     taking good care of himself; Representative Hilbert is rumored to
2-11     be engaging in intensive sun therapy while being chauffeured about
2-12     town in his chariot of choice and contemplating a purely medicinal
2-13     visit to the Florida Keys, and we encourage him to pursue all means
2-14     possible to make the coming year his smoothest ride yet; now,
2-15     therefore, be it
2-16           RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives of the 77th Texas
2-17     Legislature hereby congratulate the Honorable Paul Hilbert on the
2-18     occasion of his 52nd birthday and extend to him heartfelt best
2-19     wishes for blue skies ahead; and, be it further
2-20           RESOLVED, That an official copy of this resolution be
2-21     prepared for Representative Hilbert as an expression of highest
2-22     regard by his colleagues in the Texas House of Representatives.
         Laney                   Goodman                  Merritt
         Alexander               Goolsby                  Miller
         Allen                   Gray                     Moreno of Harris
         Averitt                 Green                    Moreno of El Paso
         Bailey                  Grusendorf               Morrison
         Berman                  Gutierrez                Mowery
         Bonnen                  Haggerty                 Naishtat
         Bosse                   Hamric                   Najera
         Brimer                  Hardcastle               Nixon
         Brown of Kaufman        Hartnett                 Noriega
         Brown of Brazos         Hawley                   Oliveira
         Burnam                  Heflin                   Olivo
         Callegari               Hilderbran               Pickett
         Capelo                  Hill                     Pitts
         Carter                  Hinojosa                 Puente
         Chavez                  Hochberg                 Ramsay
         Chisum                  Hodge                    Rangel
         Christian               Homer                    Raymond
         Clark                   Hope                     Reyna of Bexar
         Coleman                 Hopson                   Reyna of Dallas
         Cook                    Howard                   Ritter
         Corte                   Hunter                   Sadler
         Counts                  Hupp                     Salinas
         Crabb                   Isett                    Seaman
         Craddick                Janek                    Shields
         Crownover               Jones of Lubbock         Smith
         Danburg                 Jones of Bexar           Smithee
         Davis of Harris         Jones of Dallas          Solis
         Davis of Dallas         Junell                   Solomons
         Delisi                  Keel                     Swinford
         Denny                   Keffer                   Talton
         Deshotel                King of Parker           Telford
         Driver                  King of Uvalde           Thompson
         Dukes                   Kitchen                  Tillery
         Dunnam                  Kolkhorst                Truitt
         Dutton                  Krusee                   Turner of Coleman
         Edwards                 Kuempel                  Turner of Harris
         Ehrhardt                Lewis of Tarrant         Uher
         Eiland                  Lewis of Orange          Uresti
         Elkins                  Longoria                 Villarreal
         Ellis                   Luna                     Walker
         Farabee                 McCall                   West
         Farrar                  McClendon                Williams
         Flores                  McReynolds               Wilson
         Gallego                 Madden                   Wise
         Garcia                  Marchant                 Wohlgemuth
         George                  Martinez Fischer         Wolens
         Geren                   Maxey                    Woolley
         Giddings                Menendez                 Yarbrough
         Glaze                                            Zbranek
                                                   Speaker of the House
               I certify that H.R. No. 584 was adopted by the House on March
         22, 2001, by a non-record vote.
                                                 Chief Clerk of the House