Agriculture Policy Committee
May 31, 2000-9:00A  

Discussion of House Bill 2
   On:      Bodangen, Tom (Himself), El Campo

            Chiles, Sam (El Campo Production Credit Association), Edna

            Ekstrom, Jim (Himself), Danevang

            Foshee, Carl W. (Coastal Plains Agri-Business Incubator
                        Systems, Inc.), El Campo

            Gangl, Edwin F. (Himself), El Campo

            Gertson, Ronald (Himself), East Bernard

            Harrison, Wm. H. (Bill) (First National Bank of Eagle Lake),
                        Eagle Lake

            Jaenike, Fritz (Texas Aquaculture Association), Los Fresnos

            Maley, Joe (Texas Farm Bureau), Waco

            Martin, Ken (Mayor - City of El Campo), El Campo

            McClung, John (Texas Produce Association), Mission

            Patman, Donald (Texas Farm Bureau), Waco

            Prewett, Ray (Texas Citrus Mutual), Mission

            Roppolo, Jimmy (Farmer's Co-op of El Campo), El Campo

            Shackelford, Julie (American Farmland Trust), San Marcos

            Simon, Haskell L. (Matagorda Co Water Council/Gulf Coast Div.
                        Advisory Group), Bay City

            Socha, Becca (El Campo Chamber of Commerce & Agriculture), El

            Werkenthin, Fred B. (Texas Aquaculture Association), Austin

            Wilkins, Bob (Danevang Farmer's Co-op), Danevang

   Registering, but not testifying:
   On:      Powers, Trey G. (Texas Department of Agriculture), Austin