Health Benefit Mandates (Interim) Committee
June 2, 2000-12:00P  

Health Care Benefit Mandates
   On:      DeLargy, Betty (United Healthcare), Austin

            Holt, Mark M.D. (Self), Lewisville

            Kellen, Mike (FORTIS Health), Milwaukee, WI

            Longley, Dianne (Texas Department of Insurance), Austin

            McCandless, Patricia (UniCare Life & Health Insurance
                        Company), Austin

            Mitchell, Clif (Texas Association of Insurance Officials),

            Reilly, Peter K. (Aetna U.S. Healthcare, Prudential
                        Healthcare), Blue Bell, PA

            Simonton, Kay (Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, NYLCare Health
                        Plans), Austin

            Sims, Stephen (Foundation One Insurance Services, LC), Frisco

            Wernicke, Mark (Humana, Employers Health), Green Bay, WI

            Wildsmith, Thomas F. (Health Insurance Association of
                        America), Washington, DC