Criminal Justice Committee
August 17, 2000-1:00P  

   On:      Andrus, Tom (TDCJ Parole Officer), Dallas

            Carter, Oweida (Self), Dallas

            Clements, Richard (TX State Employees Union), Pasadena

            DeVercelly, Ora (TDCJ Parole Officer), Farmers Branch

            Garrett, Gerald (TX Board of Pardons & Parole), Austin

            Gross, Michael (TX State Employees Union), Austin

            Holton, Ladd (Restorative Justice Ministries Network of TX),
                        Ft. Worth

            Livingston, Brad (TX Department of Criminal Justice -
                        Financial Services), Austin

            Maston, Veronique (TDCJ Parole Officer), Dallas

            McElyea, Edward (TDCJ Internal Affairs Division), Huntsville

            McMillian, Gary (TDCJ Parole Officer), Dallas

            McNutt, David (TX Department of Criminal Justice - Financial
                        Services), Huntsville

            Mora, David (TDCJ Parole Officer), Dallas

            Parker, Patrick (TDCJ Parole Officer), Dallas

            Pickard, Denise (TDCJ Parole Officer), Mesquite

            Reeves, Linda (Inmate Families Organization), Manchaca

            Robison, David (TDCJ Parole Officer), Dallas

            Rodriguez, Victor (TX Department of Criminal Justice -Parole
                        Division), Huntsville

            Ross, Derrick (TX State Employees Union), Dallas

            Scott, Wayne (TX Department of Criminal Justice), Huntsville

            Shepperd, Val (Legislative Budget Board), Austin

            Wash, Bill (Highpoint Church), Arlington

            West, Kevin (TX State Employees Union), Pasadena

            Yates, Johnnie (TX State Employees Union), Dallas

   Registering, but not testifying:
   On:      Fabelo, Dr. Tony (TX Criminal Justice Policy Council), Austin

            Knowles, Bob (Dallas Sheriff's Department), Dallas

            Leveling, Capt. Gregory (Denton Co. Sheriff's Office), Denton

            Lewis, Bill (MADD), Keller

            Pavlock, Janet (TDCJ Parole Officer), Huffman

            Powell, Capt. Bob (Denton Co. Sheriff's Office), Denton

            Rayzer, Oliver (Dallas Area Northstar Authority), Dallas

            Rogers, William (Denton County Sheriff's Office), Denton

            Ryan, Phil (Sheriff's Departments), Decatur

            Simmons, Kenneth (TDCJ Parole Officer), Ft. Worth