State Affairs Committee
May 26, 2000-8:00A  

Committee Charge No. 1
   On:      de la Garza, C. Connie (City of Harlingen (Mayor)), Harlingen

            de los Santos, Roy (Port of Brownsville), Brownsville

            Brown, Larry A. (City of Brownsville), Brownsville

            Cornelison, Robert (Port Isabel/Rio Grande Valley
                        Partnership), Port Isabel

            DeLay, Randy (Port of Brownsville), Houston

            Feild, Frank (Brownsville Chamber of Commerce), Brownsville

            Garcia, Robert H. (City of Port Isabel), Port Isabel

            Hinojosa, Gilberto (Cameron County), Brownsville

            Lund, Mark (Brownsville Metropolitian Planning Organization),

            McNair Jr., Harry (City of Brownsville), Brownsville

            Molitor, Edward (Hidalgo County Metropolitian Planning
                        Organization), McAllen

            Myers, Michael (Brownsville Public Utility Board), Brownsville

            Zamora, Norma H. (City of Brownsville/Brownsville Urban
                        System), Brownsville