Jurisprudence Committee
March 6, 2000-9:00A  

Charge 1
   For:     Hoehn, Paul (Self), New Braunfels

            Schroeder, Olga (Organization for the Enforcement of Child
                        Support), New Braunfels

   On:      Buchanan, Bree (Texas Council on Family Violence), Austin,

            Church-Abreo, Rosanna (Department of Public Safety), Austin,

            Fischer, Heidi (Department of Public Safety), Austin, Texas

            Green, Robert (Texas Fathers Alliance), Austin, Texas

            Key, Alicia (Office of Attorney General), Austin, Texas

            Lawler, Denisa (Self), Comal County

            Lopez, Sheriff Ralph (Bexar County Sherif's Office), San
                        Antonio, Tx

            Marrus, Professor Ellen (University of Houston Law School),
                        Houston, Texas

            Nations, Hugh (Men's and Fathers' Resource Center), Austin,

            Negron, Victor (Self), San Antonio, Tx

            Novoa, Professor Ana (St. Mary's Law School), San Antonio, Tx

            Specia, Judge John (225th District Court), San Antonio, Tx