Intergovernmental Relations Committee
June 12, 2000-9:00A  

Charge Five
   On:      Cabello, Homero Jr. (Director of Office of Colonia Initiative,
                        TDHCA), Austin

            Cedillo, Ruth (Deputy Executive Director, TDHCA), Austin

            Garvin, John (Dir. of Housing Resource Center, TDHCA), Austin

            Guzman, Sam (Director of Community Affairs, TDHCA), Austin

            Hill, Bobbie (TDHCA), Austin

            Mauro, Sandy (Director of Community Development, TDHCA), Austin

            Stiner, Daisy (Executive Director, TDHCA), Austin

   Registering, but not testifying:
   On:      Velasquez, Sally (Governmental Liason, City of Eagle Pass),

Charge Three
   On:      Dugas, Norman T. Jr. (President, Dugas Diversified
                        Development), San Antonio

            Garza, Ed (Councilman, City of San Antonio), San Antonio

            Harwell, Wayne (Greater San Antonio Builders Association), San

            Lee, Donald (Executive Director, Texas Conference of Urban
                        Counties), Austin

            Litke, Robert (Planning Director, City of Houston), Houston

            Tonjes, Ray (President, Ray Tonjes Builder), Austin

            Turner, Frank (Executive Director of Planning, City of Plano),

   Registering, but not testifying:
   On:      Allison, Jim (General Counsel, County Judges & Commissioners
                        Assoc. of TX), Austin