Intergovernmental Relations Committee
October 28, 1999-10:00A  

Charge 1
   On:      Bruce Russell (Consulting Engineers Council of TX), Austin

            James Broaddus (President, Design Build Institute of America),

            Jose Guerra, P.E. (Board Member, TX Board of Professional
                        Engineers), Austin

            Michael Behrens, P.E. (Asst. Exec. Dir. for Engineering
                        Operations, TXDOT), Austin

            Mike Holeman (TX Society of Architects), Austin

            Philip Shoemaker (University of Texas System), Austin

            Steve Stagner (Consulting Engineers Council), Austin

            Steven Nelson (Chairman, Leg. Comm., TX Building Branch, AGC),

            Tom Johnson (Executive Vice President, ALC of Texas), Austin

   Registering, but not testifying:
   On:      Randall Reaves (Atty, University of Texas System), Austin

Charge 2
   On:      Frank Pennington (TX Dept. on Aging), Austin

            Jim Goerke (Executive Dir, TX Commission on Emergency
                        Communications), Austin

            Jim Ray (Executive Dir, TX Assoc of Regional Councils), Austin

            Julia Rothgeber (Div Director, Strategic Env Analysis &
                        Assessment, TNRCC), Austin

   Registering, but not testifying:
   On:      Dan Wattles (Director, Gov Relations, TX Dept of Housing &
                        Community Affairs), Austin

            Tom Adams (State Single Point of Contact, Gov Office of Budget
                        & Planning), Austin

Charge 3
   Registering, but not testifying:
   On:      David Preister (Asst. Atty. General, OAG), Austin