Economic Development Committee
(Subcommittee on 9-1-1 Emergency Communications)
July 10, 2000-2:00P  

9-1-1 Emergency Communication
   On:      Gutierrez, Sebastian (Vice President, Comarco Wireless
                        Technologies), Irvine, CA

            Lively, Lance (Executive Director, Texas Call Box Coalition),

            Meer, Stephen (Vice President, Chief Technology Officer, SCC
                        Communications), Boulder, CO

            Melcher, John (Deputy Director, Greater Harris County 9-1-1),

            Persse, David, M.D. (Physician Director of Emergency Medical
                        Services), Houston

            Potts, Jerry (Director of Science, American Heart
                        Association), Dallas

            Ratliff, Thomas (Consultant, AT&T Wireless and Western
                        Wireless), Austin

            Spence, Carey (Deputy Director, CSEC), Austin

            Ullman, Gerald (Program Manager, Texas Transportation
                        Institute), College Station

            Wells, Wes (Manager, San Francisco Bay Area Call Box Program),
                        Oakland, CA

   Registering, but not testifying:
   On:      Caudle, Doka (Manager of 911 System Operations, City of
                        Dallas), Dallas

            Collins, Rick (Engineer of Traffic, TXDOT), Austin

            Galvanek, Susanne (Director, E911, TX), San Antonio

            Glover, Woody (Executive Director, 9-1-1 Network of East
                        Texas), Tyler

            Goerke, Jim (Executive Director, TCSEC), Austin

            Graalum, Ken (Manager, Southwest Regional Communications
                        Center), Desoto

            Ramsey, Joni (Manager, Public Safety Communications, Addison
                        Police Dept.), Addison

            Tutton, Melissa (E9-1-1 Coordinator, City of Plano), Plano

            Waldron, June (9-1-1 Systems Specialist, City of Longview
                        Public Safety Comm), Longview

            Wallace, Robert A. (Technical Sales Manager, E911, SWBT), San