Economic Development Committee
(Subcommittee on 9-1-1 Emergency Communications)
March 21, 2000-10:00A  

9-1-1 Emergency Communications
   On:      Goerke, James D (Executive Director, Texas Commission on State
                        Emergency Comm.), Austin

            Hanna, Joe (Captain, Richardson PD, Public Safety
                        Communications), Richardson

            Hogan, Laverne (Executive Director, Greater Harris Co. 9-1-1
                        Emergency Network), Houston

            Munn, Bill (Executive Director, Tarrant Co. 9-1-1 District),
                        Fort Worth

   Registering, but not testifying:
   On:      Caudle, Doka (Manager, 9-1-1 System Operations, City of
                        Dallas), Dallas

            Glover, H.W. Jr. (Executive Director, 9-1-1 Network of East
                        Texas), Tyler

            Gradlum, Ken (Manager, SW Regional Communications Center,
                        Public Safety Comm), DeSoto

            Melcher, John (Deputy Director, Greater Harris Co. 9-1-1
                        Network), Houston

            Naylor, Donna (Director, Public Safety Communications, 9-1-1
                        City of Plano), Plano

            Spence, Carey (Deputy Director, CSEC), Austin

            Tutton, Melissa (E9-1-1 Coordinator, Public Safety
                        Communications, City of Plano), Plano