Economic Development Committee
March 16, 1999-9:00A  

SB 172
   FOR:     Johnson, Paul (Self), Arlington

            Perkins, Authur Val (Texas Business Law Foundation), Houston

            Pinkus, David (Self), Austin

   ON:      Pettijohn, Leslie (Consumer Credit Commissioner), Austin

   Registering, but not testifying:
   For:     Hammond, Bill (Texas Association of Business & Chambers of
                        Commerce), Austin

            Heasley, John (Texas Bankers Association), Austin

            Israel, Celia (Texas Association of Mexican American Chambers
                        of Commerce), Austin

            Neeley, Karen (Independent Bankers Association of Texas),

SB 222
   ON:      Woomer, Eric (Senator Gallegos), Austin

SB 274
   FOR:     Grigsby, Anthony (Texas Civil Justice League), Austin

   AGAINST: Caldwell, Wade (Self), San Antonio

            Hile, Richard (Texas Trial Lawyers Association), Austin