Urban Affairs Committee
August 30, 2000-10:00A

Fire fighter
    For:      Mullenberg, Ron (Chief, ESD #2)
              Smith, Don (Capital Area Fire Chiefs Assoc.)
    On:       Hull, James (Texas Forest Service)

Fire fighters
    For:      Campbell, Helen (State Firemen's & Fire Marshals'
              Campbell, Ken (Volunteer & Paid firefighter Emergency
                   Services District)
              Hartman, Glen (Travis County ESD #1)
              Pattillo, Ladd (Municipal Financial Advisor)
              White, David (Consulting & Training Fire Fighters)

Fire Fighter
    On:       Warren, Gary (Tx Commission on Fire Protection)

Fire Fighters
    For:      MacDonnell, Kevin (Travis County ESD #4)
    On:       Maxwell, Susan (Texas Concil for Developmental

Manufactured Housing
    For:      Rogers, Steve (Texas Manufactured Housing Association)
    Against:  Chiang, Carla (Texas Neighborhoods Together)
              Knight Ethridge, Lila (Self)
    On:       Monciuais, Emil (Self)
              Peak, Howard (City of San Antonio)
              Wooten, Tim (Texas State Comptroller Office)

    On:       Cedillo, Ruth (TDHCA)
              Dale, Sarah (TDHCA)
              Hawkins, John (Sunset Advisory Commission)
              Njie, Cherno (TDHCA)
              Ocanas, Reymundo (Texas Association of Community
                   Development Corporations)
              Phillips, Suzanne (TDHCA)
              Radle, Ronney (Texas USDA Rural Development State
              Ray, Jim (Texas Association of Regional Councils)
              Stiner, Daisy (TDHCA)

    On:       Owen, Daniel (TSAHC)
              Sullivan, Mike (TSAHC)

Youth Build Program
    For:      Flores, Greg (Texas Youthbuild Coalition)
    On:       Morris, Pam (TDHCA)