Urban Affairs Committee
June 13, 2000-10:00A

Volunteer Fire Fighter
    For:      Ivie Miller, Lisa (State Firemens' & Fire Marshals'

Volunteer Fire Fighters
    For:      Anderson, Tommy (Santa Fe Fire & Rescue)
              Bizzell, Lynn (Texas Fire Chief's Assoc.)
              Campbell, Ken (Emergency Service Districts & Volunteer
                   Fire Depts.)
              Lewis, Keith (Comal County Rural Fire Prevention
                   District #4)
              Loeffler, Paul (State Fireman's & FireMarshals Assn.)
              McDonnell, Kevin (Travis County Emergency Services
                   District #4)
              Millikin, Jay (Comal County Commissioners)
              Montalue, Domingo (Self)
              Mullenberg, Ron (Captial Area Fire Chiefs)
              Pickard, Donnie (State Firemen & Fire Marshals' Assn.)
              Regnier, Ted (Volunteer Firemen's Insurance of Texas)
              Stevens, Buck (Self and Private Fire fighter)
              Weiss, Robert (Volunteer Fire Fighters)
              Windisch, Fred (Volunteer County Fire Marshals)
    On:       Arnold, Jim (Texas Engineering Extension Service)
              Ethridge, K.R. (Texas Commission on Fire Protection)
              Sandefer, Morris (Fire Fighters Pension Commission)
              Young, Bobby (Texas Forest Service)

Volunteer FireFighter
    For:      Workman, Kip (Lavernia Fire Department)