Transportation Committee
April 13, 1999-3:00P

HB 800
    For:      Buehler, Larry (City of Angleton)
              Cotten, Leslie (Navarro County Sheriff's Department)
              Kirkland, Pam (City of Richardson)
              Manison, Tom (Self and City of Friendswood)
              Martin, Bill (Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport
                   Board National Purchasing Institute)
              Reid, Tom (City of Pearland and HGAC)
              Ryan, Mike (Self)
              Simpson, Frank (City of Texas City and HGAC)
              Steele, Jack (Houston-Galveston Area Council)
              Swan, Bobby (Self)
              Thompson, John (Polk County)
              Utter, Tom (City of Corpus Christi)
              Walker, Helen (Self and County Judges & Commissioners
                   Association of Texas)
              Wise, Jimmy (Self and Triangle Chevrolet, Inc.)
    Against:  Cone, Emmette (Self and Payton-Wright Ford Inc.)
              Fondren, Gene Fondren (Texas Automobile Dealers
              Hagan, Andrew (Self and Cardenas Motors, Inc. & Valley
                   Automobile Dealers Association)
              Woodall, Steve (Self and Warren Equipment Company)
    On:       Bray, Brett (Texas Motor Vehicle Board)
  Registering, but not testifying:
    For:      Chansley, James (Self)
              Forbes, Scott (Mayor and City Council of the City of
              Martinez, Mario (City of Brownsville)
              VanCantfort, Todd (Self and HGAC-CJC)
    On:       Kent, Carol (Texas Motor Vehicle Board)
              Malloch, David (HGAC Cooperative Purchasing Program)
              Toppin, Valentino (Self and Houston-Galveston Area
              Williamson, Ron (Self and Houston-Galveston Area

HB 1276
    For:      Merica, Joann (Self and Texas Young Lawyers Association)

HB 1906
    For:      Pitman, Susan (The Chemical Connection)

HB 2443
    For:      Leinberger, Clifford (Self)
              Schwarz, Paul (Self)

HB 3662
    For:      Prewett, Ray (Self and Texas Citrus Mutual)