State Affairs Committee
April 29, 1999-2:00P

HB 1578
    For:      Hernandez, George (Self and Bexar County Hospital

HB 1777
    For:      Akers, Monte (Texas Municipal League)
    On:       Brown, David (Southwestern Bell Telephone Co.)

HB 2090
    For:      Anderson, Lynn (Self and Superbody Works)
              Clark, Jeff (Texas Association of Business and Chambers
                   of Commerce)
              Fieglein, J. Michael (Galveston Health & Racquet Club)
              Galindo, Cid A. (Self and THRSA - Texas Health Racquet &
                   Sportsclub Assoc.)
              Galindo, Ramiro A. (Self and THRSA - Texas Health,
                   Racquet, & Sportsclub Assoc.)
              Howden, Robert (NFIB/Texas)
              Pinkus, David (Small Business United of Tx)
              Triplett, Jan F. (Self)
    On:       Barrett, Andrew (Self and THRSA)

HB 2292
    For:      Mixon, Carl (Self and Bexar County Commissioner's Court
                   & Fire Marshal's Office)

HB 3049
    For:      Allen, Alma A. (Self)
              Levy, Rick (Texas AFL-CIO)
              Smith, Tom "Smitty" (Public Citizens Members)
              Smoot, Samantha (Texas Freedom Network)
              Teal, Dennis (Self)

HB 3241
    For:      Galindo, Ramiro A. (Self and THRSA - Texas Health,
                   Racquet & Sportsclub Assoc.)

HB 3526
    On:       Cunningham, Cathy (City of Irving, Texas)

HB 3777
    For:      Kramer, Ken (Lone Star Chapter, Sierra Club)
              Smith, Tom "Smitty" (Public Citizens Members)
    Against:  Miksa, Mary (Texas Association of Business & Chambers of

SB 456
    On:       Cunningham, Cathy (City of Irving, Tx)

SB 560
    For:      Larsen, Neal R. (MCI Worldcom)
    Against:  Arnold, W.D. (Texas Cable & Telecommunications Assn)
              Rutan, Edwin (AT&T)

SB 560Committee Substitute (Wolens, Steve)
    For:      Arnold, Ann (Texas Association of Broadcasters)
              Cole, David (Self and Southwestern Bell Telephone)
              Gunn, Joe D. (Self and AFL-CIO)
              Willis, D.L. Dally (Self and Texas Political &
                   Legislative Committee of Communications Workers of
    Against:  Briesemeister, Janee (Consumers Union)
              Holbrook-White, Sheila (AARP)
              Holland, Royce J. (Allegiance Telecom, Inc.)
              Jewell, Michael (AT&T)
              Krabill, Nancy (Nextlink)
              Reeves, Kelsi (Time Warner Telecom)
              Turetsky, David (Teligent)
    On:       Walsh, Judy (Public Utility Commission)
              Wood III, Pat (Public Utility Commission)