State Affairs Committee
March 15, 1999-1:30P

HB 601
    For:      Briskman, Mark (Self and Anti-Defamation League)
              Davis, Derek (Self)
              Kesari, Dimitri (Justice Fellowship; Religious Freedom
              McFarland, Steven (Christian Legal Society; National
                   Coalition for Free Exercise of Religion)
              Shackelford, Kelly (Self and Free Market Foundation;
                   Liberty Legal Institute)
              Strickland, Phil (Texas Baptist Christian Coalition;
                   RFRA Coalition)
    Against:  Aaronson, Maxine (Texas Neighborhoods Together)
              Bowers, Christopher (Self and National Alliance of
                   Preservation Commission, City of Dallas)
              Denton, Lowell (Self and City Attorney/City of Boerne)
              Emrich, Ron (Self)
              Erkan Jr, Habib (City of San Antonio)
              Garcia, Hector (Self)
              Hamilton, Marci (Self)
              Heath, Patrick (City of Boerne, Texas)
              Horsey, Catherine (Self and Preservation Dallas)
              McAlester, Virginia (Self)
              Miller, Laura (Self and Legislative Affairs Committee of
                   Dallas City Council)
              Pate, Russ (Guadalupe Social Center CDC)
              Quimby, Marcel (National Trust for Historic
                   Preservation/ SW Office)
              Spellerberg, Shirley (Self and City of Corinth)
              Thompson, Howard (Self)
              Villasana, Sol (Self)
    On:       Laycock, Douglas (Self)
              Lee, Donald (Texas Conference of Urban Counties)
              Reynolds, Carl (Texas Department of Criminal Justice)
              Rickard, Frances (Texas Historical Commission)
              Wallace, Casey (Michael P. Fleming, Harris County
              Willett, Don (Governor's Policy Office)

HB 845
    For:      Smith, Tom "Smitty" (Public Citizens Members)
    Against:  Floyd, Robert (Texas Society of Association Executives)

HB 1016
    On:       Hassay, Jason (Dept of Information Resources)
              Martin, Robert (Library and Archives Commission)
              Piper, Michael (Texas State Library & Archives
              Zottarelli, Martha (Dept of Information Resources)

HB 1264
    On:       Esquivel, Eddie (Dept of Information Resources)
              Zottarelli, Martha (Dept of Information Resources)

HB 1450
    Against:  Dalby, Giles (Self and Texas Association of Counties)
              Hunter, Todd (Tx Assoc of Counties - Workers
                   Compensation Self Insurance Fund & TAC - County
                   Govt Risk Mgmt Pool)
              Stafford II, Harrison (Self and Texas Association of
                   Counties Risk Management Pool)
              Thompson, John (County Judge & Commissioners Assoc)

HJR 44
    For:      Baird, Charles (Self)
              Brannon, Bill (Self)
              Stouffer, Bill (Self and Common Cause)