Public Safety Committee
April 6, 1999-10:30A

HB 719
    For:      Griffith, Brian (Self and Garland Police Dept. K9 Unit)
              Johnson, Joe (Self and Fort Worth Police Dept.)
              Pilgrim, Curtis (Self and Dogs Against Drugs, Dogs
                   Against Crime)
              Ybarbo, Ray (Texas Police Chiefs Assc.)
    On:       McDaniel, Randy (DPS)

HB 815
    For:      Stickland, Phil (Texas Baptist Christian Life
              Ware, Weston (Texas Baptist Christian Life Commission)
    Against:  Rother, Rev. Willard (Self)
              Tripp, Alice (Texas State Rifle Assc.)

HB 953
    On:       Sibert, Judy (DPS)

HB 995
    Against:  Bunton, Caryl (Self and ASSIST)
              Clark, Mark (Dallas Police Assc., Houston Police
                   Officer's Union)
              DeLord, Ron (CLEAT)
              Moore, Kevin (Self and ASSIST, CTSMA)

HB 1087
    For:      Denholm, John (Self and Harris Co. Sheriff)
              Lindsey, Gary (Sheriff of Dallas County)
              Scott, Rider (County of Denton)
              Zacharias, Larry (City of Richardson)
    Against:  Webb, Bill (Texas Motor Transportation Assn.)

HB 1968
    For:      Cheyney, Patsy (Self)
              Hernandez, George (Bexar County Hospital District)
              Sims, Leonard (Bexar County Hospital District Police

HB 2031
    On:       Blewett, Rebecca (DPS)
              Boline, Linda (DPS)

HB 2032
    On:       Stephens, Joyce (DPS)

HB 2204
    On:       Francis, James (DPS)
              Holt, Robert (DPS)
              McHugh, Colleen (DPS)
              Thomas, Dudley (DPS)

HB 2397
    For:      Wormley, Leroy (Texas Crime Stoppers Assc.)

HB 2794
    For:      Eismann, Keith (MCI Worldcom)
              Martin, Janet (Self and Texas State Inspection Assc.)
    On:       Smith, Ricky (DPS)

HB 2802
    For:      Griffith, Carl (Jefferson County Judge)
    On:       Bethke, James (Self)
              Sibert, Judy (DPS)

HB 3209
    For:      Murchison, Nickie (Greater Dallas Crime Commission)
              Scott, Rider (Greater Dallas Crime Commission)

HB 3215
    On:       Reynolds, Carl (TDCJ)