Public Safety Committee
March 23, 1999-10:30A

HB 496
    On:       Griffith, David (DPS)

HB 1432
    On:       Kyser, Ben (Department of Public Safety)

HB 1448
    For:      Dickson II, Donald (Texas Sate Troopers Assc.)

HB 1983
    For:      Hartman, Glen (CAPCO)
              Reid, Tom (Self and Houston Galveston Area Council of
                   Govt., Texas Assc. of Regional Councils of Govt)
    Against:  Blackwell, Tommy (Self and Travis County Sheriff's
              Richards, Dan (Self and Sheriff Margo Frasier)
    On:       Hopson, Steve (Sunset Commission)
              Kamm, Bob (Travis County Commissioners Court)
              Spence, Carey (Self)
              Voights, Betty (Capitol Area Planning Council)

HB 2617
    For:      Bryant, Dennis (Self)
              Bunton, Caryl (Self and ASSIST)
              Cleudeuin, Ed (Self and Associated Security Services in
                   the State of Texas)
              Elkin, W. Bailey (ASSIST)
              Groppe, Gary (Self and Infolink Services Group)
              Hewitt, Karen (Self and Texas Assc. of Licensed
              Neuhaus, Joan (Self)
              Pellham, David (Self and North Texas Private
                   Investigators Assc.)
              Reed, Malcolm (Self)
    On:       Craig, George (TBPIPSA)
              Hamid, Ash (Sunset Commission)
              Kimbrough, Jay (Texas Board of Private Investigators and
                   Private Securities Agency)
              Nix, Ben (Board of Private Inv. and Private Securities
              Rose, Richard (TX Board of Private Inv. and Private
                   Securities Agencies)