Public Safety Committee
March 9, 1999-10:30A

HB 243
    For:      Moore, Les (Self and Odessa Police Department)

HB 394
    For:      Campos, Charlie (Self and South Texas Justice of the
                   Peace and Constable Assc., Bexar County Constables
              Freeman, Gary (Self and Justice of the Peace and
                   Constables of Texas)
              Garcia, Agapito (Self)
              Lohrke, Gary (Minyard Food Stores)
              Newton, Vernon (Self)
              Rowe, Ben (Self and Texas Retailers Assc.,Texas Food
                   Ind.,Gulf Coast Retail, Minyard Food Stores)
              Thrash, Thomas (Harris County Precinct 6 Deputies Assc.)
              Vehle, Otto (Bexar County Sheriff's Office Support
              Weber, Carol (Southern Methodist University)
    Against:  Bunton, Caryl (ASSIST)
              Burt, Bob (ASSIST)
              Delord, Ron (Combined Law Enforcement Assc. of Texas)
              Elkin, W. Bailey (ASSIST)
              Kelpen, Herb (Self and ASSIST)
              Lyde, Jim (Self and Texas Municipal Police Assc.)
              Manning, David (Fort Worth Police Officers Assc.)
              Norris, Scott (Texas Reserve Law Officers Assc.)
              Smith, Mark (ASSIST)
              Williams, Howard (Texas Police Chiefs Assc.)
    On:       Green, Wayne (Texas Commission on Law Enforcement)
              Kimbrough, Jay (Texas Board of Private Investigators and
                   Private Securities Agencies)

HB 452
    For:      Bent, Steve (TXANS)
              Bunton, Caryl (Self and ASSIST)
              Burt, Bob (ASSIST)
              Chisum, John (Texas Assc. of Licensed Investigators)
              Elkin, W. Bailey (Self and ASSIST)
              Rich, Sid (Texas Risk Retention Assc.)
              Smith, Mark (Self and ASSIST)
    On:       Kimbrough, Jay (Texas Board of Private Investigators and
                   Private Security Agencies)

HB 605
    For:      Justice, David (Self)
              Matta, Amy (Self and Alzheimers Assc.-Austin Chapter)
              Plotsky, Frances (Alzheimers Assc. of Greater Austin)
    On:       Fischer, Heidi (Texas Dept. of Public Safety)

HB 1288
    For:      Houston, Jim (Bandera County Juvenile Probation Dept.)
              Kelley, Robert (Medina County Juvenile Probation Dept.)
              McDuffie, Tony (Cass County Juvenile Probation)

HB 1296
    For:      Buchanan, Bree (Texas Council of Family Violence)
              Clark, Michele (Self and Safe Place)
              Joiner, Gary (Texas Farm Bureau)