Public Safety Committee
February 23, 1999-10:30A

HB 19 Committee Substitute (HB 19)
    For:      Paniagua, Joe (City of Fort Worth City Council)
              Rose, Jon (City of Dallas)

HB 165
    For:      Haile, Jack (Sherman County Sheriff's Office)

HB 206
    For:      Barnes, Byron (Self)
    Against:  Shaddix, Julian (Texas Association of Secondary

HB 592
    On:       Fulmer, Valerie (Department of Public Safety)

HB 957 Committee Substitute (HB 957)
    For:      Fowler, Dale (Victoria County Sherriffs Reserve Inc.)
              Noris, Scott (Texas Reserve Law Officers Association)
              Sawyer, Gary (Texas Reserve Law Officers Association)
    On:       Green, Wayne (Texas Commission on Law Enforcement)
              Kimbrough, Jay (Texas Board of Private Investigators)